The explosion caused by the quality problem of the swivel chair

(Beijing,January 15th,2009)The first explosion death in China which caused by office swivel chair.

A-14-year old boy who was born in Jiaozhou City,Shangdong province.Recently he surfed online at home. The sudden explosion at the air pressure manipulator went out of control and the tip of the fingertip ejected instantaneously, pushing the anal into the juvenile body. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment and died.

“I can not image that the child just sitting on the chair but have an accident”Xiaogang’parents sadly said

January 14th,at that time,Xiaogang surfed online by himself,after the gas spring rush into his body,he called his father quickly.When the emergency personnel arrived,he still can speak,his face turned pale after get to the hospital.

The Central Hospital of Jiaozhou doctor who participated in the rescue said that after the air pressure top rod was out of control, it instantly bounced, and entered the body along the anus, bursting multiple blood vessels in the buttocks and flowing out of the blood backlog. After more than one hour Rescue, Xiaogang eventually died of excessive blood loss.

The doctor said that during one month,they have treat 3 similar cases.These cases also caused by the gas spring out of control then hurt the buttock. However, in the previous case, the air pressure jack was not inserted into the victim's body. Only cause minor damage.

“This cause  is sure the quality problem of the Chair to made the gas spring out of control ,Xiaogang’ father would like to justice this to swivel Chair dealer and manufacturer .

Recently ,Chinese cause many Chair explode .November 2007 ,A 68 years old man seating at home to use the computer ,however with about more 20 pcs sundries  ,gas spring ,sponge ,wood-dust ,screw nut etc including a 16mm long steel bar insert the body .

Doctor emphasize that ,if the whole steel bar inset into the body ,you can feel how much pressure .

So we suggest the consumer ,when you buy the chair should be careful the manufacturer & original etc .

So when the swivel chair factory purchase the gas spring ,should be attention for the technology ,reputation and using material and gas  in order to protect the user benefit and safety .YUEQIANG gas spring manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the a factory who will put the safety and quality at the first  all the time .So our products deeply popular for clients , It is relieved to use !

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