Refer to the gas spring technology and safety issue

Recently,some news media and internet will show that swivel chair with gas spring explode cause people injure and dead .As for the manufacturer of the gas spring ,we feel very shock .At the same time we feel very sad that some manufacture in order to get margin to disregard of the consumer life .

From the internet and media ,expert comment ,we know that these products belong to the unqualified  products .So we suggest the consumer ,when you buy the chair should be careful the manufacturer & original etc .So when the swivel chair factory purchase the gas spring ,should be attention for the technology ,reputation and using material and gas  in order to protect the user benefit and safety .So what is the attention point when swivel factory and user buy the gas spring .

1、Why gas spring explode

Gas lift full of high -purity nitrogen ,pressure 6-8Mpa ,As well-know nitrogen is very steady .It can prevent the part rust from the inner of  gas lift and furthermore not because of the static and friction to explode .But some enterprise manage the gas not good fit the wrong gas to made the gas lifting explode .

2、Forbidden to disassemble the inner tube of the gas spring .

Some swivel chair may disassemble the gas spring to check the inner tube wall thickness and the spare part material and strength .In this case ,first of all will drill the small hole to leaking some high-purity nitrogen .Then made sure the piston can reciprocate with axial direction by manual and press the control button does not upspring then you can disassemble it (Fig 1 )


3、Requirement of the inner wall thickness of gas spring  

Normal condition ,wall thickness is 2.0mm or 2.5mm ,Many factory will made it more and more thin .if the wall thickness 1.5mm ,after our test ,we feel it can attached the strength requirement .

If less then 1.5mm ,it may cause the safety problem .we will not made it .and we also suggest other factory do not use such thin inner pipe ( show as Fig 2 )


4、When we off ,the swivel lift down to the lowest ,but another day we found it will lift up Automatic

This Phenomenon is inner leaking ,we also name return air .this is the one of  the quality problem of the gas spring .

5、Swivel chair do not lift up after seat down

If you sure the mechanical handle without any problem ,that means the gas spring with problem .This phenomenon is external leaking .That means gas leaking

6、Gas spring lifting up and down ,Inner tube with the grease ,It will assist the inner tube and support can move smoothly .do not effect the function .However it will affect the outlook .Many clients thought this is leaking .Actual this is misunderstanding .

7、Many clients will ask :How the gas lift can endure the weight of the people .

One qualify gas spring can endure any weight ,and will not lose efficacy .But Because it is the air pressure  product ,so the body more weight ,the gas spring compress will much more .

8、A big fire ,gas spring be burned out of all recognition.Why gas lift  explode

Lifting gas spring does not explode , because after the high temperature ,damage the rubber seal ,gas leaking ,So the gas spring does not explode .

(1)Standard of the Taper and taper length of Pressure tube ,support can .Show as (Fig 3) :

X:Taper length  ,Y:Body length(According client’s requirement )

(2)Travel ,Fig(4)

(3)Spindle marking ,Show on Fig (5)



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